Dr Diana Voller
Counselling Psychologist in South West London

Fees & Questions

What are your fees?

My fees are normally 90 per session

Fees are payable at the end of each session by cash or cheque, or electronically by agreement.

How long do sessions last?

A session is 50 minutes long. Normally I try to arrange sessions at the same time and day each week to establish a sense of consistency in the work, but I also offer flexibility for those with more complicated schedules.

What are the session times?

Sessions are on weekdays, and can be arranged from 08.00am. The last session is usually 6.30pm.

What happens if I have to cancel a session?

If you are unable to make an appointment, let me know and I will try to re-arrange another one in the same week.

Appointments cancelled or missed with less than two days notice will be charged in full, unless an alternative can be arranged for the same week.

If you arrive late for an appointment, we will still end at the pre-arranged time.

Do I need to be referred?

No, you can refer yourself. I also see clients who have been referred by their GP, or an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or insurance company.

How will it actually work?

Normally we will have one initial session, to establish what your needs are and whether we both think working together will be helpful for you. Attending the initial assessment does not mean that you are obliged to continue on to further counselling sessions. It is important for you to make an assessment of whether you think you want to work with me. We would normally review how things were going again after about six weeks - at which point it will be clearer what will be right and best for you.

What about ending?

If we are working on a time-limited contract, with a set number of sessions agreed, then the contract comes to an end when these are completed. If we have an open ended contract,we will regularly review the process, and work towards bringing the therapy to an end at an appropriate point and when you decide you are ready. Your comittment to the therapeutic process is important, as it can be tempting to drop out if therapy becomes painful or difficult. Ideally, the ending would be agreed between us, and include time so that we can review our work together and come to an ending.

What about walking therapy?

Walking therapy sessions are the same as ordinary counselling/psychotherapy sessions, except that we meet at a pre-arranged location, and walk, rather than sit, together. Walking therapy sessions are for 50 minutes, and also 85.00. Walking therapy sessions are more suitable for people wishing to use therapy as a space for reflection and development, than for clients who are in crisis, in which case it would be better, at least to start with, to use the consulting room.


Supervision sessions for experienced practitioners, and trainees, are for 50 minutes, and the fee is 75.00 per session.


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