Dr Diana Voller
Counselling Psychologist in South West London

Counselling and psychotherapy offers an opportunity to deepen awareness of yourself and your relationships, by offering a safe space where you can explore your concerns and clarify your choices with another person, to help you gain insight into who you are, how you relate to others and to life in general.

Psychotherapy and counselling are not about giving advice, but through careful listening to what you have to say, a therapist can often bring to your attention assumptions and feelings that are influencing your thinking and behaviour without your being aware of it. Recognising these empowers you to make your own decisions in a way that makes life more fulfilling for you.

Psychotherapy involves exploring yourself and your relationships with yourself, others and the wider world, in some depth, and can be anything from about four months to four years. Most clients come once a week, but I also offer twice weekly sessions.

Counselling usually focuses on one particular issue that is causing you concern, and is likely to be from four to twelve weeks, based on coming once a week.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help with issues such as:

* Personal Development
* Anxiety
* Relationships
* Stress
* Depression
* Wish to understand self better
* Work-related issues
* Feelings of meaninglessness
* Panic attacks
* Suffering from past experience

I also offer supervision to trainees, as well as experienced psychotherapists and counsellors.


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